Blower Tree, 1911

Blower Tree, 1911

Watercolour on paper
12 x 8 cm

The centre of this spring-like landscape miniature is a tree in full bloom on a flowering meadow, its branches almost reaching the lateral ends and the upper end of the picture.

The scenery is painted in beautiful shades of blue, green and pink and has an ornamental, Art Nouveau character. This is particularly emphasised by the circular blossoms and outlines in the meadow, on the tree and in the clouds, some of which are set in gold.

André Evard has given this work his monogram “A.E.” and the date of origin “8.4.11” at the lower corner of the picture.

The artist had an inclination for serial work and so there exists another miniature of this scene of the same year, which differs, however, in a pastel colouring and a denser picture composition.