Thunderstorm atmosphere, w.d.

Thunderstorm atmosphere, w.d.

Without dating
Oil on hardboard
34,5 x 26,5 cm

André Evard, who found a great source of inspiration for his art throughout his life in unspoilt nature, presents us with this work his great talent for combining abstract elements and figurative objects in a harmonious symbiosis.

The motif is an expressive landscape representation in oil on canvas. In the foreground of the picture Evard has used a pastose application of paint to create a relief-like flora in red, yellow and white, in the middle of which a small path leads diagonally to the right and past a small fir tree to the centre of the picture.

In the middle ground, the artist uses the same expressive brushstroke in thickly applied strokes and dark green on the left side to let a large fir tree grow up to the upper end of the picture. Opposite it on the right-hand side is the same type of tree, only in a smaller form. The ends of both fir tree tops are almost lost in the dramatic play of light in the sky, which occupies almost half of the entire picture surface in the background.

It begins as a diffuse glow that breaks out over a mountain range between black horizontal, but expressively applied lines, and increases to the representation of heavenly natural forces. Thick clouds pile up and collide in contrasting colours like pink, blue, black and white. André Evard shows us his dynamic painting style in these landscape characteristics, which makes us aware of the power of nature and allows us as viewers to participate in it.