Sunset, 1954

Sunset, 1954

Oil on hard fibre

Natural landscapes are a central motif in Evard’s work. He not only paints various natural objects, but also pays close attention to certain lighting conditions and is guided by moods in nature as well as by certain lighting situations. This is also the case in our present painting.

This expressionistic work shows a seascape in the foreground with a mountain range in the middle ground and a heavenly landscape in the background.

The sun as the central object of a sunset as well as the source of the different colours cannot be seen. Only its rays can be made out.

Horizontal lines dominate the entire painting. Exceptions are the representations of mountains and plants. They are mostly represented by diagonal lines, rarely also by vertical lines. The direct foreground is not only separated from its background by vertical lines, but also by the pasty, almost relief-like application of paint.

The brushwork here is more two-dimensional than expressive.

As a Swiss, André Evard lived almost his whole life in the Swiss Jura. In addition to the mountains in the immediate vicinity, Lake Neuchâtel and Lake Biel are not far from where he lived in La Chaux-de-Fonds. Again and again, the landscape that shaped him as a young man inspired him to create various landscapes that still fascinate us today.